Smoke Tree Rosé 2019

Smoke Tree Rosé 2019

With balance, finesse and elegance, Smoke Tree Rosé marries vibrant acidity and floral elegance with lower sugar levels and a refined tannic ripeness. Marked by a commitment to sustainable agriculture and non-interventionist winemaking techniques, each vintage testifies to the time, patience and craft that goes into these wines. The result: a remarkable Rosé that yields a pure expression of the fruit’s beauty.

Suggested Retail Price: $16 (750ml)

All the Details

Tasting Notes:

Crisp, fresh, and vibrant, Smoke Tree Rosé has a lively, aromatic nose. The finish is a touch lighter in style, to an exquisitely refreshing effect.

What makes this the perfect gift to give this time of year?

Smoke Tree Rosé is the ideal gift for long Summer days, easily transitioning from daytime sipping to food pairings with dinner.

What is the perfect accessory to complement it?

Smoke Tree embraces natural beauty, which is why the perfect accessory for this extraordinary wine is a festive picnic in your favorite slice of nature.

Who should this be gifted to?

To Rosé lovers everywhere, Smoke Tree Rosé is a unmissable delight

Summer Experiences

Best served chilled, Smoke Tree Rosé plays well with others. It’s perfectly paired with Summertime snacks, barbecue dinners or long afternoons at the beach.