Skyside Chardonnay 2018

Skyside Chardonnay 2018

Skyside Chardonnay 2018 pays tribute to the richness and diversity of California winemaking. From the cool climate vineyards along the coast, all the way into the hills, it’s a complex, layered and elegantly expressive Chardonnay. The latest release from a storied California winemaker, this offering captures the best of the region’s winemaking traditions.

Suggested Retail Price: $20 (750ml)

All the Details

Tasting Notes:

Beautiful aromas of honeysuckle and bright citrus notes of Meyer lemon mingle with mandarin orange, followed by hints of apricot and white peach. Subtle oak notes and elegant acidity add length to the finish.

What makes this the perfect gift to give this time of year?

Accessible, enjoyable, and highly versatile, Skyside Chardonnay is an unbeatable Summer gift.

What is the perfect accessory to complement it?

Skyside Chardonnay is best accessorized with a decadent dinner out-of-doors; think Maine lobster, followed by delectable, chocolate-covered fruit.

Who should this be gifted to?

To the friends and family who share your Summer table.

Summer Experiences

Drink local for 4th of July, and give the fruits of America’s finest winemaking region with this fresh Californian gem. Whether it’s a beach day, picnic, or rooftop hangout, make your Summer experience extraordinary with Skyside's Chardonnay.