Krug Rosé 23rd Edition

Krug Rosé 23rd Edition

Blended from 60 wines across ten different years, the Krug Rosé 23rd Edition is composed of 45% Chardonnay, 29% Pinot Noir, and 26% Meunier, and finished with 13% traditionally macerated Pinot Noir to add spiciness, color, and structure. Following a stay of at least seven years in Krug's cellars, the Krug Rosé 23rd Edition shows a uniquely elegant, expressive character.

Suggested Retail Price: $300 (750ml)
94 - Wine Spectator

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Tasting Notes

On the nose, aromas of rose hips, cured ham, mulberries, red currant, peony, pepper, and pink grapefruit. On the palate, delicate flavors of honey, citrus, and dried fruit with a long finish enhanced by its fine bubbles.

What makes this the perfect gift to give this time of year?

An unexpected blend with boldness and distinction, this Champagne makes a romantic Valentine’s Day statement.

What is the perfect accessory to complement it?

Krug Rosé 23rd Edition is best enjoyed with soft candlelight.

Who should this be gifted to?

With an audaciously sensual composition, Krug Rosé 23rd Edition is the perfect gift to share with your lover.