Hennessy X.O Ice Experience

Hennessy X.O Ice Experience

Accompanied by ice, Hennessy X.O becomes a never-ending discovery: the revelation of hidden facets, an exploration of new heights of greatness. Ice is ephemeral, variable, and when combined with Hennessy X.O's straightforward and persistent taste, it sets in motion a sensory odyssey that is unparalleled.

Suggested Retail Price: $200 (750ml)

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Tasting Notes

On the nose, a harmony of candied fruit and light spice notes. On the palate, a smooth, full sensation gives a simultaneously powerful and soft tonality with a hint of cocoa. Serve with charcuterie for a complementary pairing.

What makes this the perfect gift to give this time of year?

This festive offering comes with customized packaging that has a second life: as an ice bucket that you can enjoy whenever you drink Hennessy X.O. A great way to celebrate a vibrant occasion and share a unique moment with friends.

What is the perfect accessory to complement it?

Ice, of course! The unique packaging is an ice bucket, accompanied by tongs for serving.

Who should this be gifted to?

Hennessy X.O Ice Experience is the perfect gift for those who want to innovate, who want to be different and explore new ways to enjoy the original X.O Cognac.